What's in a name?


"The Downeaster staff and volunteers put their heart and souls into each production and it shows!  It’s also a great place for kids to learn about all aspects of the theater in a fun and welcoming atmosphere." -Matthew Lincoln

“The best part of being with the Downeaster is how open and friendly they are. I felt like I found my family with my first rehearsal there. And I know the friends I’ve made at the Downeaster will be ones that I keep for a life time.” -Hope Miller

Our name comes from Billy Joel's The Downeaster Alexa. This song is about a fishing way of life that's disappearing, so people work harder, go further, sacrifice more to do what they love... much like theatre.

A Downeaster is a fishing boat, which has a crew, just as a theatre has a crew, and this isn't the only connection we have to the sea. Historically, sailors served as riggers in theatres when they came ashore because they knew how to tie the best knots.

Not surprisingly, our home will be decorated with a plethora of boats and other ocean-themed items and colors.